Best Canon Printers That You Can Try to Consider

As one of the most famous printer brands in the world, Canon has manufactured many different printer models since many years ago. The problem is that some people are getting confused when they have to find the best Canon printers for their need. The reason is because there are a lot of different printer models that they can find from Canon. That is why if you want to find the best printer for your need from Canon, you need to know the need of the printer. This way, you will not find any other problems because Canon has one nice printer that you can choose for the special needs that you have. Here are some of them.

Canon PIXMA TS9120

The first one is Canon PIXMA TS9120. Many people have been using the Canon PIXMA series since many years ago. It is because PIXMA series from Canon has a lot of different printer models that will suit for many different needs, starting from the personal printing needs to the small office needs. That is why the Canon PIXMA series is considered as the best overall printer from Canon. If you want to get the more specific one, then Canon PIXMA TS9120 is the one that you need to buy. The price is still considered as something affordable for a personal printer. Yet, the functions and the features are in par with the small office printers. So, you can say that this is the chance that you should not miss.

Canon PIXMA MG3620

For those who are looking for simplicity, Canon PIXMA MG3620 is the best Canon printers that you need to get. It is because the overall design and look of this printer is very simple. As an addition to that, the size of this printer is quite compact. Even though, the performance of this printer is very nice, especially if you are not into all of those advanced and complicated features. This is the printer that requires you to click on one button to get the professional quality printing output. As an addition to that, this printer is quite friendly if you are talking about its ink consumption. To make it even better, this printer performs many different tasks quite fast.

Canon MAXIFY MB5420

The last one on the list is Canon MAXIFY MB5420. The top two printers mentioned above can be considered as the nice printers for the personal use at home. now, if you need one for your office needs, then you need something different. That is why the Canon MAXIFY MB5420 is the one that you need to buy. There are some great reasons why this printer is the one that you need to get for your office needs. The first one is because this printer has all of the functions that you need at the office such as printing, copying, and scanning. As an addition to that, this printer is quite tough since the maximum duty cycle of this best Canon printers is reaching 100,000 pages in a month. That means you can have a large number of daily prints with this printer.