How Do I Connect to a Printer in Windows Operating System

Windows has been known as one of the most common operating system that many people are using in their computer. That is why a lot of hardware are making the specific application for the Windows. You can easily check the HP printers or the Canon printers. Those two printer giants are making the driver for the specific Windows operating system so that you can answer the question how do I connect to a printer in Windows operating system. If you are also asking the same thing, then you can easily follow these steps below.

Connect the Printer Using the Cable

The first step that you need to do is to connect the printer with the computer. This is something easy because you can find the cable to connect the printer to the computer. This is the first thing that you need to do. It is true that there are some printers that do not require you to do this. However, this is something that you need to do in many printers nowadays. So, it is better for you to do this thing first before you start the installation process.

Insert the CD Drive

After you have connected the printer and the computer using the cable, you can insert the CD with the driver of the printer in it. This is the CD drive that you need to install the driver of the printer in your computer. For your information, this CD is inside the pack of the printer. That means you will be able to find the CD inside the box. If you do not have the CD because of any reason, you do not need to worry about the next step of how do I connect to a printer. It is because you can still continue the process. You only need to download the necessary driver for your printer. Based on the model of your printer, you need to visit the related website. From the website, you can find the driver of your printer. You just have to download it there and continue the installation process.

Follow the Installation Process

Once you have inserted the CD drive that you need to install the driver, you only have to go to the Windows Explorer. After that, you will see the CD that you have inserted before. From there, you have to choose the auto-play option then the automatic wizard will pop up. That is the wizard that will guide you through the whole installation process. After that, you only need to fill some information and choose some settings based on what you want. The last but not least, the installation process will be started automatically. Once it starts, you have to wait until the installation process is finished. After that, you have to reboot or restart your computer and you have finished the steps of how do I connect to a printer. Do not you think the processes are very simple? You will not need a long time to finally connect the printer to your computer.

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