How Do I Install a Printer Driver without a Printer

When you want to use your printer, you need to make sure that it is installed properly. You do not need to worry about it, since it is not a big problem. It can be done easily. It is only the basic procedure to make the printer connected and ready to use in the printer. It is the same case as when you want to use a software or application. You need to get the file of app, and you need to make it installed before you are able to use it. However, sometimes there are some questions regarding the installation, such as How do I install a printer driver without a printer. This may be unique question. Although it may sound out of the box, it is still possible to do.

Normally, you need the printer when you want to install it. It requires you to have the device ready. It is because the driver comes together with the printer. Without the printer, it is also hard to find the model of the printer to get the suitable installer. However, some drivers or printers still allow you to do the installation without the device. The steps are basically similar to the common procedures. To get the details, you can check the points below.

Get the driver

You need the driver. Usually, you get the driver in the box of the printer. It is in a form of CD driver. When you already have it, you can easily use it. When you may have ever copy or move the file of driver into your drive, you only need to find the file in your storage. After that, you can go to the next step.

Install the driver

Once you get the driver ready, you only need to insert it to the CD driver. In most cases, the process will start as soon as the installer is read by the computer since there is already auto-run on its file. In case it still does not start after some moments, you need to locate the file and run it manually. It can be done by double-clicking the file.

Then, you will find a new tab or window on the screen showing the installation is in progress. What you need to do is to follow all of the steps. However, you need to pay attention on each step, since there will be time when the process requires you to connect the printer to your PC. In this case, you can try to skip it. It is how you can easily install the driver of printer without its device. After that, you only need to wait for the processes until these are done.

In the steps, you need to know that these may work on some devices. In other words, some installers still need the printer. You cannot proceed unless you connect the printer to the PC. That is why you are not g guaranteed to do these successfully. At least, these steps can show the possibilities of doing the installation, and it can be good answer of How do I install a printer driver without a printer.