What are the best Canon printers to Choose

Adding a Canon printer to your working room is such a very nice idea that you have to do for real. This amazing printer will definitely be an awesome solution that can help you to complete all of your various works excellently and optimally at the same time. So then, you will also get the notable printing results that really fit your expectations and requirements in the best way possible. Nonetheless, there are actually so many options of the remarkable Canon printer that you can get at the market now. Well, What are the best Canon printers that you have to choose? Let’s figure them out below.

The Best Canon Printer for Text

  • Canon PIXMA TR8550

Canon PIXMA TR8550 is one of the answers of What are the best Canon printers that can give you the remarkable printed documents. It is because this printer has 5 different ink tanks that will spread the inks on the paper with no mistakes at all. So then, you will find that this device can produce the vivid and crisp printouts that can excite you greatly. Aside of that, its printing speed is definitely something else as it can publish up to 15 pages per minute (ppm) for black and white, and also 10 ppm for colors. Based on this specific fact, it is clear that this printing stuff will never make you wait for too long to get all of your works done nicely.

  • Canon PIXMA TR8520

Moreover, you can choose Canon PIXMA TR8520 to make you the marvelous printed documents. It has so many cool features to make your printing jobs much easier to do, which one of them is the automatic 2 sided printing feature. This nice feature will assist you to print on both sides of the paper fabulously. So, you can save more papers and give the positive impact to the environment. Besides, it also has the intuitive 4.3 inch touch screen display that will allow you to operate the equipment simply. Thus, you do not need to face any difficulties whenever you want to use this device.

The Best Canon Printer for Images

  • Canon PIXMA Pro 100

What are the best Canon printers for images? The answer of the question is Canon PIXMA Pro 100. This astonishing printer can produce the mesmerizing and beautiful images that will make you drop your jaw. The colors, gradients, and the detailed things of the images will be printed on the paper flawlessly for sure. It is all because of the up to 4800 dpi printing resolution and the notable 8 individual cartridges. Not only that, you can find numerous features to support the wireless printing ability of the device. Some of them are like Apple AirPrint, Wi-Fi, PictBridge, Ethernet, High Speed USB connectivity, and so on. All of them will allow you to access the printer directly from your mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. So, you will always be able to do your printing jobs effortlessly anywhere and anytime you need it.

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