What Are the Steps to Installing a Printer in Some Details

What are the steps to installing a printer? This question may appear when you have new printer. In fact, you can get the guideline since commonly new printer comes with the driver and manual in there. However, sometimes the manual may not be available in certain cases, so you still need some guidelines to install your printer.

The steps are actually quite easy. It is not big different either it is new or old printer. Moreover, all series of operating system have similar operation, so you will not need to worry about it. In this case, you only need to follow the steps. Moreover, you need to prepare all things needed for the installation process. At least, you need to prepare your printer, the PC, and its driver. It is better when you have the default USB cable to connect the printer and your PC.

Get the installer

Normally, you can find the installer easily on the box. It already comes as the complete package when you buy new device. However, some products, or may be old printers, may not provide you with the driver. However, you have nothing to worry about it. You are able to find the driver on the official website of printer manufacturer. You only need to find the model of your printer, and download the latest file.

In fact, you may find the driver in other websites. This is very possible, and even many websites can appear when you use the search engine to find the website. However, it is recommended to get the file from the official website. At least, it is the legit source, and you will not have to worry about the malware that may infect your PC through the unofficial driver.

Install the driver

When you have the CD driver, then you only need to insert it on the CD driver. This is very easy, and normally the process will start automatically. However, there may be some cases where it does not run, and you have to do it manually. This will have similar steps in case you use downloaded file.

What you need to do is to locate the file of driver. After that, you only need to double-click the file, and it will run the installation. You may also right-click the file and choose the option of Run or Run as Administrator. After this, a new window will appear on your screen showing that the installation process has begun.

You only need to follow the instruction. On some devices, there is a step requiring you to plug in the printer through USB. You only need to follow all of the steps until the end of the process. This is very easy to do. Once it is done, you are able to use your printer.

In some cases, printer can be connected through wireless connection. However, mostly it requires you to still use the USB cable for the first time in installation. Moreover, it is much easier to use the USB since it uses fewer configurations. Once it is done, you will have your printer connected and ready to use. Just by following the steps, you will get the solution of What are the steps to installing a printer.